Specialised generators for the telecomms industry are supplied in different configrations to suit any application, such as - Prime Power; Standby; Dual Operation; Load Sharing; Solar Combination.

Solar Power with Generator back-up is becoming more popular due to environmental and fuel consumption considerations and we are at the fore-front of this new technology.

Our workshop and warehouse facility located in Boksburg is rigged out to handle big and small orders for generators and parts with short lead times.

Over the years we have developed methods of extending oil drain periods, keeping dubious fuel clean and equipment for extending the service life of Generators, and many of these improvements are offered as retro-fit kits. We supply OEM Parts and Filters as well as good quality After-Market items at reasonable cost.

We offer a full range of service parts, loose or in kits with everything required for each service interval including equipment to prevent pollution, and ensure efficient stock control for the end-user.


We supply Quality Diesel Generators, with Solid Warranties, Technical Back-Up and Parts Back-Up. All generators supplied by Generator City are made using Only Quality Components from reputable long-standing suppliers in Europe. Our areas of operation include Angola; Botswana; Cameroon; Ghana; Ivory Coast; Madagascar; Mozambique; Nigeria; Tanzania; Uganda; Zambia; Zimbabwe. Our staff are all well qualified and have ample experience, with most having been in the generator industry for over 10 years.